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Immunology is the branch of medicine that deals with disease immunity, and immunologists are research scientists or practicing specialists who study, analyze and/or treat disease processes that involve the immune system. A key part of Immunology involves studying how the many different organs, cells and molecules of the immune system work and interact with each other. 

Immunologists are scientists or clinicians who specialize in the field of Immunology. Immunology is a very broad branch of the biological sciences and is defined as the study of an organism’s defense (immune) system, in both health and disease. These Immunology Specialist are particularly are interested in diseases that affect natural immunity. These include such diseases as allergies, sinus inflations, pneumonia and abscesses that occur repeatedly even with treatment.

These Immunologists work in many different areas of biomedical research, as well as in healthcare, agriculture and environmental monitoring. Because Immunology can be applied to several other scientific disciplines it impacts on many areas of conventional medicine. They also work within the veterinary sciences as veterinary immunologists, researching better ways of improving animal healthcare by preventing disease, and providing treatment for those animals suffering from infections and other immunological conditions.

Clinical immunologists are responsible for diagnosing and treating human patients with immunological disorders. They spend most of their time either in the laboratory conducting research to develop new therapies or diagnostic techniques, or else based in clinics discussing patient treatment strategies. Immunological research has helped scientists understand the potential causes of many immunological diseases, and enabled them to develop treatments and cures.

These Medical Practitioners are specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of allergies. The Immunology Physicians Mailing List ensures that your investments are directed in the right way. Our Immunologists Database can be segmented and used for Email Marketing, Telemarketing and Direct Mail Campaigns as per campaign budget, audience type and other requirements. Grab the attention of Allergy and Immunology Physicians with personalized direct marketing messages.

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